Join us for these annual events as the Gonzales community commemorating the historical events leading up to the Battle of the Alamo and Texas’ fight for freedom.

February 25th: Gonzales, Texas

9:30 a.m. - 2 p.m., Pioneer Village
Commemoration of the Travis Letter Arriving in Gonzales. Performance by the Crystal Theater Young Texians. Courtesy of the Immortal 32 Descendants and Family Association.

February 27th, Gonzales, Texas

5:15 p.m., Gonzales Memorial Museum
Wreath Laying Ceremony in honor of the Immortal 32 Leaving. Performance by the Crystal Theater Young Texians. “The King Family Scene”. Color Guard and Pledge by the Gonzales High School NJROTC. Courtesy of Sons of the Republic of Texas.

March 1st, San Antonio, Texas

11 a.m., Alamo Plaza
Immortal 32 Arrival Ceremony. March reenactment by Gonzales locals and Performance by the Young Texians.

March 2nd, Texas Independence Day, Gonzales, Texas

11:45 a.m., Independence Square
A Toast To Texas: Commemorative Ceremony followed by a sweet tea toast.
Noon, Downtown Gonzales
Step outside during the noon siren and raise your glass in a toast for Texas! Courtesy of Tour Gonzales, Main Street, Gonzales County Historic Commission, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Sons of the Republic of Texas, and the Young Texians.
6 p.m., J.B. Wells Exp0
Texas Independence Ball Tickets are available for sale at the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture for the annual banquet and ball. Details available by calling calling 830-672-6532.

March 3rd, Gonzales, Texas

1:30 a.m., Gonzales Memorial Museum
An annual 75-mile road march from the Gonzales Memorial Museum to the Alamo as a tribute to the "Immortal 32"; annual fundraising for a specific cause.

March 5th, Gonzales, Texas

2 p.m., Gonzales Memorial Museum
Honoring the Immortal 32 & 9 Heroes Commemorative Ceremony & Roll Call at the Memorial Museum. Young Texian Performance “The Immortal 32”. Courtesy of Tour Gonzales and Gonzales County Historical Commission.

March 6th, San Antonio, Texas

6 a.m., Alamo Plaza
Dawn at the Alamo describes the events leading up to the morning hour of the Alamo battle, and includes readings, vignettes, music, wreath-laying, and a musket volley. This is the definitive experience at the Alamo, on the anniversary of the siege, with hundreds of Texans in Alamo Plaza.

March 11th, Gonzales, Texas

8 p.m., Independence Square
Candle Vigil and Commemoration of the Runaway Scrape. Young Texian Performance “Run, Run, Run Away!” Courtesy of Tour Gonzales and Crystal Theatre.

March 25th-26th, Gonzales, Texas

9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The Texas Independence Relay is composed of 36 relay legs of various lengths, totaling close to 200 miles. The course starts in Gonzales, where the spark of the Texas Revolution took place, and it finishes in the preeminent city of Houston!